Manual / Hydraulic Pullers and Tools for Gear and Bearing Removal in the Power Sector

Posi Lock Puller provides manual and hydraulic puller systems, as well as speciality tools for gear and bearing removal in power industry machinery and equipment maintenance applications. The Posi Lock® line of quality manual gear and bearing pullers set the standard for quickness, ease and convenience. Posi Lock pullers have been designed for effective removal of stubborn gears, bearings, pulleys, and other press fit items from any machine in diverse industries. Posi Lock’s hydraulic pullers are the preferred choice of professionals around the world. Ideal for many uses, Posi Lock adds efficiency to a job that can often be frustrating and labour-intensive. Posi Lock hydraulic pullers are available in 2 or 3 jaw models and range from 5t to 200t capacity. Posi Lock offers the safest, highest quality puller on the market. A complete line of 2 and 3 jaw manual pullers are available, ranging from 1t-40t capacity. Posi Lock also offers speciality pullers and parts for many industries, including automotive, HVAC, wind-power, and many others.  

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