Engine Exhaust Silencers for Power Companies

Our reliable tailor-made silencers solutions can be divided into two main types. The first, the reactive type, relies on a tuned element in general of more use for fixed-speed machinery producing pure tones, where the second, the dissipative type, is an untuned frictional device converting acoustic energy into heat.

Attenuators working in the first way tend to be more effective at low-frequency absorption than the second type. When pressure loss is the key factor, it is also possible to use side branch resonators, which can take the form of Helmholtz resonators.

Typical silencer attenuations:

Reactive (frequency range: 20Hz - 250Hz): 10-15 dBA Dissipative (simple): 15 dBA

Dissipative (high performance): 25 dBA

Dissipative + Reactive in sequence: > 35 dBA.

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