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TurbinePROs TG Field Services

Our mission is to fulfil the needs of our customers who are looking for a quality contractor to perform preventative maintenance on their equipment.

  • TurbinePROs will address our customers needs by providing highly qualified personnel that understand the customers' needs and have an extensive knowledge of customers' turbines.
  • Providing high quality of services, the customer will have units that are reliable and able to achieve a high standard of availability, which in turn helps the customer pro-vide a reliable source of electric power at affordable prices.
  • To meet the goals of the customer, TurbinePROs will provide quality training to all personnel, ensure that personnel understand their tasks, and provide personnel with the tools needed to be successful.

TurbinePROs is a premier field service provider to power companies in need of turbine and generator maintenance and repair. We fulfill the needs of customers looking for high quality personnel who understand gas and steam turbine maintenance.

Our motto: people, safety, quality, schedule and value - is applied to each customer we service. We take pride in providing you high-quality services.

With an average of 20 to 30 years of individual experience in turbine and generator maintenance, our personnel have built a reputation that speaks for itself. Safety is a top priority at TurbinePROs and procedures are in place to ensure protocol is followed through each step of your project. TurbinePROs brings you world-class field service experience at market value. At TurbinePROs, value is a guarantee!

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