Maintaining Gearboxes

The largest capacity Flender-Graffenstaden gearbox is capable of withstanding close to 800kN of force on its teeth. To picture this, the ICE German high-speed train needs 300kN to start moving. This train is 210 meters long and weighs over 400t.

Due to the forces applied on the gear teeth, the precision of Energy Capital's tooth profiling can be as small as 5-6 microns. As a comparison, the average thickness of a strand of hair is only about 70 microns.

Teeth are hardened then profiled with an optimised correction to anticipate the gears deformation. It allows for the most accurate tooth contact, which guarantees a homogenous dissipation of the load. Deformation of a few microns can easily occur due to wrong maintenance, resulting in the concentration of all the pressure on a localised area.

Energy Capital is the official representative of Flender-Graffenstaden in South-East Asia. It is a highly qualified and efficient partner to help clients with accurate maintenance.

To find out more, please download this white paper.

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