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Rubber-Lined Ball Sector Valves in Mining Applications

Ramén has released a white paper describing the experiences in typical mining applications where abrasive media are common and considered a challenge to manage.

Called 'Rubber-Lined ball sector valves - a sustainable solution to the challenge of handling abrasive fluids in mining applications', the paper highlights the issue by introducing the reader to three different applications: iron ore dressing plants, zinc ore dressing plants and dressing plant for complex ores (copper, lead and zinc).

Prior to the development and use of rubber lined valves, the standard solution found for mining operations handling abrasive media were stainless steel or iron cast valves. This proved to be an inefficient solution, both technically as well as financially.

To provide an example, Ramén, on several occasions in mining operations, has installed a standard stainless-steel ball sector valve type KS size 150mm, with hard chromium faced ball sector and stellited inlet cover ring and seat ring.

For more information, download this free white paper.

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