38 steps to hydrogen: new issue of Future Power Technology out now

10 September 2020 (Last Updated September 16th, 2020 11:54)

In this issue: Germany looks to kick-start a European hydrogen market, Orsted and Equinor’s offshore wind ambitions, the world’s largest solar award, and more.

38 steps to hydrogen: new issue of Future Power Technology out now

The German Energy Agency (DENA) and its subsidiary Global Alliance Powerfuels has announced plans to dramatically increase its reliance on hydrogen power, launching a 38-step programme to improve its hydrogen infrastructure across the country. We investigate.

Also, we look at how hydrogen could turn Orkney into an energy exporter, learn about Orsted and Equinor’s giant offshore wind project, and speak to Siemens’ new Energy Solutions business. 

Finally, we find out about the UK’s battery gigafactory, dig into the details of Viking’s Shetland wind farm, and look at the most promising projects in US nuclear.

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In this issue 

Could Germany lead a hydrogen revolution?

The German Government has announced plans to gradually increase the country’s reliance on hydrogen, launching a 38-step programme to improve infrastructure and kick-start a European hydrogen power market. Julian Turner speaks to German Energy Agency CEO Andreas Kuhlmann. 

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Orkney: how an island hydrogen project could steer the future of energy storage

For years, the conundrum of what to do with excess power generated from renewables has been debated. As countless battery makers have found to their cost, battery storage on such a scale is not easy. Andrew Tunnicliffe talks to H2Tec’s CEO Bill Ireland about the future landscape being painted in a far corner of Scotland and ask whether green hydrogen could have the answer. 

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“Ambitious, but absolutely doable”: reaching 1,400GW of offshore wind

The Ocean Renewable Energy Action Coalition, led by Orsted and Equinor, has set a goal to install 1,400GW of offshore wind globally by 2050, around 47 times more than is generated today. Heidi Vella spoke to two leading offshore experts about how the industry can realistically achieve this target. 

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“The world’s largest solar award”: can India make it happen?

Adani Green Energy has won a $6bn contract to install 8GW of solar power across India by 2025. Is the “world’s largest solar award” achievable, and how is Adani uniquely positioned to deliver on this lofty ambition? JP Casey finds out.

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How Siemens Energy Solutions is trying to turn consumers into suppliers

Much of the global energy transition is still to come, and there is much still to be learned. Matt Farmer talks to Faye Bowser, head of Siemens Energy Solutions in Great Britain and Ireland, about the energy transition and service-based energy savings models.

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Going giga: how the UK is investing in supersized battery production

With the news that the UK is to be home to not one but two new gigafactories, Andrew Tunnicliffe speaks with AMTE Power and BritishVolt to find out what the factories are, what they’ll mean for the future of a battery-powered Britain, and what challenges stand in their way. 

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How the Viking wind farm could rewrite energy on the Shetland Islands

Thousands of years have passed since the first people started life on the Shetland Islands. For much of that time, residents have enjoyed a level of self-sufficiency, but plans for a new wind farm and subsea cable could soon link the islands to Great Britain forever. Matt Farmer learns more.

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The next generation of American nuclear

The US Department of Energy recently announced more than $65m in awards for 93 advanced nuclear technology projects in 28 states. Yoana Cholteeva looks at the most promising projects set to lead the future of nuclear power in the country.

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The past, present, and future of maintenance at the Hoover Dam

Times have changed at the Hoover Dam. In light of the Covid-19 pandemic and associated struggles, the way in which daily operations function has come under consideration. Matt Farmer finds out how Covid-19 has changed maintenance at the dam. 

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Preview – Future Power Technology October 2020

The North Sea Wind Power Hub is a joint idea by German, Dutch, and Danish firms to build a series of interconnected islands that would supply a significant part of Europe’s future energy needs. We take a look at the scale of the proposed idea and ask, what it will take to make it happen?

Also, we examine the issues facing cap and trade models such as California’s, speak to the North London Waste Authority about their proposed energy-from-waste plant, and investigate Iran’s first geothermal project. 

Finally, we take a temperature check of the UK solar industry, talk to MHI about their fusion project, see what lessons energy production is learning from natural design, and hear from Power Shift Africa about the continent’s clean energy future.