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Callum Tyndall is the editor of Power Technology, Mining Technology, and Offshore Technology.

Callum Tyndall

G20 agrees to end overseas coal plant financing

G20 leaders agreed at a summit on Sunday to end financing for international coal power plants.

As it happens: the global energy crisis

The world is facing an energy crisis, as wholesale gas prices rocket and countries struggle to recover from shortages post-pandemic.

EU delays classification of nuclear power for green financing

The EU has delayed proposals on whether to classify nuclear power and natural gas under its system for green financing.

Energy crisis sparks divide in Europe over nuclear power

The ongoing energy crisis has spurred division between France and Germany over expanding nuclear power.

Barriers to batteries: new issue of Future Power Technology out now

In this issue: hurdles to batteries’ role in the energy transition, European wind power regulation, the US’s massive clean energy investment, and more.

Streets of gold: new issue of Future Power Technology out now

In this issue: a solar paving project in Barcelona, setting standards for renewable investment, powering the next generation of smart cities, and more.

Ride the lightning: new issue of Future Power Technology out now

In this issue: lightning’s threat to wind turbines, the Fukushima water clean-up controversy, Covid-19’s impact on low-income countries’ energy plans, and more.

How is activity in the power sector recovering from Covid-19’s impact?

Analysis of jobs, deals, stock prices and financial filings and news sentiments now show power to be a relative loser when it comes to Covid-19 recovery.

Is the power sector seeing the beginnings of an AI investment boom?

AI deals, jobs and patents have been booming in the last few years. But is the power sector keeping up?

The big freeze: new issue of Power Technology out now

In this issue: lessons from Texas’ power shutdown, making wind turbines from wood, Brazil’s $5.4bn green hydrogen plant, and more.