Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 47
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Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 47

10 Feb 2014 (Last Updated July 15th, 2020 23:09)

In this issue: controversy over Hinkley Point C, learning from the Sahara Forest Project, ambitions for 24-hour solar power and much more

Future Power Technology Magazine: Issue 47

Power issue 10 February 2014

Controversy surrounds the subsidy deal for the UK’s first nuclear power plant in 20 years, Hinkley Point C. We find out how the industry and policy-makers have responded.

Is 24-hour solar power supply a distant dream or could it become a reality? We look at the latest innovations in solar energy storage to find out.

We also report on new EC climate proposals that could boost nuclear and shale gas, analyse the market for gas gensets, profile the world’s thermal giants and more.

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In this issue

Evaporated Ambitions
Proposals by the European Commission could breathe new life into the nuclear and shale gas industries and leave renewables out in the cold. We find out how member states have responded.
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Mission: 24-Hour Solar
Innovations in solar energy storage are making strides in the quest for 24-hour solar power supply. We explore the latest achievements.
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Turning the Desert Green
Qatar’s Sahara Forest Project exploits sea water to produce electricity and grow crops. We ask what clues the approach can give us about ecological innovation and interconnected technology.
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The Controversy Continues
As the UK Government’s deal with EDF Energy for two new nuclear reactors at Hinkley Point C comes under renewed scrutiny, we investigate what the plans mean for the country’s future energy strategy.
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The Case for Gas Gensets
Although the growth of gas as an alternative source of energy is expected to positively impact the genset market, development has been slow. Market analyst GlobalData discusses the challenges ahead.
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Thermal Giants
There are only eleven thermal power plants around the world with an installed capacity of 5GW or more. We take a closer look at them.
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Next Issue

Could a combination of different renewable sources boost green power output? We take a look at the ‘solar wind’ concept and other mixed source installations designed to increase the capacity of expensive new grid connections.

We also explore South Africa’s geothermal power potential, take a look at the world’s most powerful hydroelectric plants, and find out if innovation in nuclear reactor design can help keep the sector competitive with other power sources.

Moreover, we investigate what the coal power sector can do to help reduce carbon emissions, and take a look at power stations capable of performing a black start in the even to grid failure.

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