US-based firm C2 Energy Capital has acquired California’s largest floating solar project from Ciel & Terre, for an undisclosed sum.

The floating solar farm lies in Windsor, Sonoma County, and uses patented Hydrelio technology to float a grid of 4,959 solar modules. The panels will float on the surface of Windsor’s largest recycled water storage pond.

C2 Energy Capital co-founder and managing partner Candice Michalowicz said: “The acquisition of this advanced floating solar system further diversifies and strengthens our power-generation portfolio.

“We continue to lead by adopting novel photovoltaic technologies that reduce greenhouse gases and generate clean renewable energy.”

The 1.78MW floating solar facility currently covers 22% of the pond’s surface, with scope for further expansion in the future. Company spokespeople said the solar array helps slow down water evaporation and algae growth, with no impact on the pond’s ecology.

Additionally, the Town of Windsor has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement for the energy generated by the solar facility.

The generated energy will meet 90% of the energy requirement needed for water reclamation and related operations. Additionally, the system will save the electricity costs of the facilities by 30%, compared to grid services costs.

Ciel & Terre managing director Eva Pauly-Bowles said: “Collaborating with a leading developer and asset owner like C2 helps to streamline financing on large projects.

“It’s especially critical when implementing our floating PV systems that are relatively new in the US compared to Asia and Europe.”