• 12 February 2019

    Energy demand to plateau by 2035: Report

    Global energy demand is expected to plateau by 2035 despite growth in GDP and population, according to a report by data and analytics company McKinsey Energy Insights (MEI).

  • 8 February 2019

    Green New Deal plan announced in the US

    US democratic congresswoman for New York Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and senator for Massachusetts Edward Markey have launched a resolution for a “Green New Deal” in the House of Representatives.

  • 5 February 2019

    UK carbon emissions fall 37% since 1990: Report

    The UK’s total carbon emissions have declined by 37% from 600 million tonnes in 1990 to 373m tonnes in 2017, according to statistics from the UK Department for Business, Energy...

  • 1 February 2019

    Npower to cut 900 UK jobs

    UK energy company Npower has announced that it will cut 900 jobs from its workforce of 6,300 over the course of 2019.

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