California State University (CSU) Dominguez Hills has chosen intelligent energy storage provider Stem to deliver software-driven energy storage services.

Selected following a thorough evaluation of several providers, the company will also be responsible for reducing the university’s energy costs.

CSU Dominguez Hills' central plant and energy manager Ken Seeton said: “We are excited about our partnership with Stem in executing this project to deliver real savings for the campus, at an especially important time to reduce our greenhouse gas footprint and control our energy costs.

“We plan to shift these energy cost savings to better use elsewhere in our services to our students.”

The CSU system will join an energy storage network that functions as a virtual power plant.

"California’s universities and colleges want energy storage to help them control their energy choices."

Stem's chief executive officer (CEO) John Carrington said: “CSU Dominguez Hills is another example of a higher education leader who seeks Stem’s automated energy savings, while also contributing to more intelligent grid solutions.

“California’s universities and colleges want energy storage to help them control their energy choices, play a strong role in their community, and help transition the state to even higher amounts of renewable energy.”

Currently, the company is proceeding with development of a 1MW, 4.2MWh storage system to be installed on campus in Carson, California. Combined with an existing Stem storage system at the CSU location, the project will have a total of 2MW and 6.2MWh of storage system.

Eventually, the systems will be combined with solarpower to optimise the generation of clean renewable energy and support onsite sustainability plans.