SSI Energy, a provider of medics and technicians to the oil & gas and renewable sectors has entered a partnership with Texo Accommodation, a construction company, to deliver modular coronavirus screening stations in the UK.

The partnership will combine SSI Energy’s exisiting Covid-19 screening and testing services with Texo Accommodation’s flexible modular buildings which offer rapidly deployed welfare facilities.

SSI Energy director Jules Rawles said: “There is a clear need to ensure the safety of all people who are required to go to work and screening and testing is an essential part of this.

The facilities required to offer this service are best offered outside of the premises which is why this partnership is particularly effective” she said.

The planned modular coronavirus screening stations will be set up at sites of Critical National Infrastructure such as ports, airports and heliports, logistics centres and major construction sites where people are required to go to work to deliver essential services in the UK.

The modular concept is designed and manufactured by ELA Container, the German modular building specialist which is a partner of Texo Accommodation. ELA has already delivered placements of modular systems in the UK and Europe to support customers during the coronavirus pandemic.

SSI Energy’s screening and testing services provided are delivered by medical personnel and include a Covid-19 rapid testing kit which takes 10 minutes to complete. This test detects IgG and IgM antibodies, which determine if a person has had coronavirus and has since recovered.