Pneumofore’s A Series air compressors have been carefully developed to meet the highest specifications for trouble-free operation and consistent high-performance in any deployment scenario, including 24/7 operation.

With a pressure range from 2.5bar(g) to 10bar(g) and up to 5360m³/h capacity, these air-cooled units provide flexibility for industrial applications with no compromise in durability.

The A Series air compressors are easy-to-install and truly ‘plug and play’.

Their fully automatic operation, compact footprint and low noise level provide a trouble-free integration into any process.

The air-cooling system drastically cuts down the installation costs and eliminates expenses related to water connections, water treatment and disposal.

The A Series compressors are valued in many industrial applications thanks to their performance, durability, easy-to-service design and low lifecycle cost.

Special versions

  • A HC: hot climate version of air-cooled pumps for ambient temperature up to 55°C. Extra-large heat exchangers and fans for tropical climates.
  • A VS: variable-speed drive from 35Hz-60Hz to optimise power consumption for constant flow at the process.
  • A Ex: explosion-proof. Installation in explosive areas with dedicated electrical components.
  • A W: water-cooled version for closed areas.
  • A HR: heat recovery compression system installation with warm water usage
  • A S: special versions of the A Series compressors for tailored dimensions, ethernet, skid-mounted, stainless-steel, weather-proof construction or extra-heavy-duty frame.