StarBags™ are now recognised and accepted as an optimal solution in addressing operating constraints faced in many baghouses.


  • Designed to offer up to 2.4 times the filter surface for a same-sized standard filter bag
  • Improves airflow in the baghouse
  • Reduces operating costs
  • Reduces emissions
  • Enables an increase in production load over standard bags

When replacing standard filter bags with StarBags™, the extended surface area enables lower air-to-cloth ratio, allowing increased throughput. StarBags are designed to replace standard filter bags without the need to modify the cleaning system or change the cell plate.

Solution to premature filter bag failure

Some baghouse designs place unnecessary risk on the filter bags in line with the inlet. Premature failure can occur through abrasion from the dust flow. Replacing the standard filter bags enables the shorter StarBag to perform at the same operational throughput while removing the bag out of the dust flow from the inlet.