Air and Gas Separation Equipment

Air and Gas

As a 24/7 process, the profitability of any gas processing plant is directly and significantly linked to the cost of energy to drive it and the efficiency by which it operates. Nowhere can this be better demonstrated than in non-cryogenic air separation where not only is profitability linked to process efficiency, but also reliability, as downtime in plant demands a supplementary product to be sourced.

TPS has developed a range of leading high-speed electrical motors and variable frequency drives (VFD) with ratings of 600kW-1MW that directly drive centrifugal compressors at speeds of up to 17,000rpm. Now deployed for air separation, these machines enable a superior productivity of process to be achieved relative to more conventional slower speed systems, and the energy cost savings for the plant owner are significant.

This change in the plant process is enabled through the direct coupling of the centrifugal compressor to our permanent-magnet motor, which itself is supported on active magnetic bearings to achieve extremely high power conversion efficiency whilst assuring high reliability through the elimination of wearing parts.

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