To ensure the operation of HV motors and generators is not put at risk by the potential failure of obsolete control equipment, Quartzelec is able to offer guidance to provide design, manufacture, service, and spares support, manage obsolescence issues and identify the most suitable upgrade path. It includes our in-house bespoke designs for generator controls, and excitation packages.

As an independent company, we have gained wide experience of control equipment of many different original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), allowing us to deliver unique solutions to suit individual applications with minimum downtime, scheduled around planned maintenance outages.

Excitation control / AVR – multiple configurations to suit

Our products are designed to incorporate the latest commercially available digital excitation controllers. Control relay or PLC-based with fully automated control, we can adapt to any system – shunt, permanent magnet, and DC-fed.

Human-machine interface (HMI) screen upgrade

In association with a control system upgrade, a touch-operated HMI screen for control, metering, alarms, and data trending is available.

Protection / hi-spec digital solutions

The latest digital multi-function protection relays, including generator protection, motor protection, and transformer protection can be provided.

Synchronising / automatic, manual, and adaptable

Incorporated into the excitation controller or a separate dedicated module, the synchronising solution is adaptable for a wide range of prime movers, from slow-reacting diesel engines to fast-reacting gas turbines.