Maintenance and Service for Motors and Generators up to 600MW

Castle Mound Way,
Central Park,
CV23 0WB Warwickshire,
United Kingdom

Castle Mound Way,
Central Park,
CV23 0WB Warwickshire,
United Kingdom

Quartzelec is a leading independent electrical engineering service provider offering solutions and services for rotating machines (motors and generators up to 600MW) and associated static plants utilised in the global power-generation markets. These services include repair and rewind, overhaul, maintenance, service, diagnostic testing and major spares support.

The company has the ability to work on any OEM-manufactured machine and / or equipment, including those built by GEC, GEC Alsthom, ALSTOM and Cegelec.

Servicing of rotating electrical machines

Quartzelec provides support services for rotating electrical machines, covering the following areas: steam turbine generators, gas turbine generators, hydro generators, large AC motors (including FD and ID fan motors, BF pump and CW pump motors) and ancillary equipment (which includes excitation, protection and control).

Rotating machines maintenance, LTSAs and LEPs

Rotating machines by definition will suffer electrical and mechanical stress, wear out, overheat, corrode and can even catastrophically fail. It is vital to have a structured maintenance and repair strategy in place to avoid costly downtime and reduce total cost of ownership.

Long-term service agreements (LTSAs) and life enhancement programs (LEPs) ensure optimal plant reliability and efficiency. Engineering solutions extend the lifecycle of the project wherever possible, providing:

  • Lifetime care and maintenance packages from basic annual inspection to total risk management
  • Performance-based contracts
  • 24/7 support service
  • Immediate breakdown response
  • Engineered solutions to extend machine life

Rotating machine design and engineering

Quartzelec’s design and engineering services for rotating electrical machines include:

  • Design / redesign of all electrical rotating machines, motors and generators, cores, windings, retaining rings, supports, blocking and insulation
  • Protection system design
  • Feasibility studies for IEPs
  • Excitation and AVR system design and supply
  • Providing solutions to inherent design issues for rotating machines

Rotating machine repair and refurbishment

Quartzelec provides repair, rewinding, refurbishment and retrofitting of rotating machines including motors and generators from 415V up to 22kV, as well as repair of static and rotating mechanical plant. Workshop engineering and on-site diagnosis is a key part of the service.

Winding and re-insulation of electric motors, cryogenic decontamination (cryogenic cleaning), in-situ installation of replacement components and ancillary equipment, and on-site machining, including commutator skims for large DC drives, are also amongst its capabilities.

Installation and commissioning of rotating electrical machines

Quartzelec can install and commission rotating electrical machines and components, with services including:

  • New machines (AC and DC / motors and generators)
  • Repaired / refurbished machines
  • Protection systems
  • Ancillary control and instrumentation equipment, excitation systems
  • On-site equipment commissioning

Site service for rotating machines

Electrical maintenance (with or without unit shutdown), non-destructive testing (electrical and mechanical), site safety, fire-detection system maintenance, condition-based maintenance, value system maintenance, and automation, operator and maintenance training are services for rotating machines that Quartzelec can provide at customers’ sites.

Major overhauls for rotating electrical machines

Major overhauls for rotating electrical machines can also be carried out. Winding and insulation, shafts, bearings, oil and hydrogen seals, couplings and retaining rings, and rotor and stator components can be replaced either on-site or at Quartzelec’s workshop.

Diagnostics and life assessment testing

Diagnostics and life assessment testing services include:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Recalibration
  • In-situ balancing and laser realignment
  • Remnant life assessments
  • Condition monitoring (online and offline)

New equipment and spares supply for rotating machines

New equipment and spares supply includes:

  • Design, manufacture and reverse engineering to OEM specifications
  • Sourcing of replacement machines and associated parts
  • Authorised stockists of leading LV/HV motor manufacturers
  • Supply and management of capital spares and machine components
  • Spares manufacture to OEM design and standard
  • Stockholding and management for maintenance contracts
  • Manufacture of certified terminal boxes

24-hour support

Quartzelec is a highly dynamic organisation. Staff are available 24/7 and dedicated to supporting customers with specialist expertise through a network of regional offices and workshop facilities. This gives the company the capability to provide worldwide support.

TS Metals Wins Contract to Deliver Laser-Cut Laminations in the US

When a US-based engineering solutions provider needed urgent support to help in the rotor refurbishment of a pair of large hydro-generators at a pumped-storage underground power station, it turned to TS Metals, part of the Quartzelec group of companies, to engineer, laser profile and deliver the high specification components it needed. 

Quartzelec Joins Achilles FPAL Verify Network

Quartzelec has joined the Achilles FPAL Verify network to further demonstrate its commitment to delivering high-quality services available to the oil and gas industry.

Quartzelec – Live From POWER-GEN Europe 2017

Quartzelec, one of the UK's leading suppliers of electrical engineering services, is currently exhibiting its most innovative solutions and services for rotating machines for the power generation industry at POWER-GEN Europe 2017.

Quartzelec Increases Investment in Quartzcoil

Leading UK based independent electrical engineering group Quartzelec, has invested more than a million Euros in its Rugby based Quartzcoil manufacturing business, allowing it to further meet growing global demand for coils and bars that support the manufacture and refurbishment of AC/DC motors and generators.

Quartzelec’s Intervention Enables Tata Steel to Minimise Costs

A critical failure was prevented at the Tata Steel (Margam) operation in Port Talbot, South Wales due to ongoing electrical inspections and prompt intervention by Quartzelec, and the in-house team. The failure could have resulted in a loss of steel production, as well as a long rebuild programme and a large repair bill.

Quartzelec’s Test Facility Complete

As a technical authority in the field of rotating electrical machines, Quartzelec has now created a dedicated test area that has the ability to test all types of rotating electrical machines (AC/DC motors and generators), gearboxes and transformers to national and international standards, ensuring a wide range of dynamic and static tests can be delivered, either as a stand-alone service or encompassed within a repair or overhaul.

Quartzelec Competitively Wins Contract for UAE-Based Gas Producer

One of the most innovative and respected gas and hydrocarbon companies in the United Arab Emirates has just competitively tendered and awarded Quartzelec, a leading international electrical engineering group, with a significant service and support presence in the region, with a long term Partial Discharge monitoring contract to cover the next three years, with an option to extend.

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