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Quartzelec can provide bespoke testing of AC / DC rotating machines to both national and international recognised standards. Our flagship test facility in Rugby, UK, can accommodate machines with components of up to 100t to be tested with a viewing platform and dedicated control room, enabling witness testing.

Machine testing includes:

  • Induction motors – no-load test on all machines up to 13.2kV. Full-load motor testing up to 1100kW, up to 6.6kV max, and 40Hz-72Hz. Simulated testing for machines up to 7MW is also available.
  • Synchronous machines – no-load, open and short-circuit load tests up to 2.5 MVA / 13.2kV, 50Hz-60 Hz
  • DC machines – all ratings up to 2000kW load and 750V for pairs of machines at any speed, operating back-to-back limited to 1100kW, 750V up to 3600rpm for a single motor

In addition to machine testing, gearbox, transformer, panel, and static testing are also available.

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