Through Quartzcoil, we design and manufacture electrical windings for a wide range of AC / DC applications. We can produce coils to client drawings and specifications or reverse engineer a solution from existing samples.

Our products

Our range includes:

  • Rotor and stator bar manufacture
  • Diamond coils
  • Turbogenerator coils for rotor or stator rewinds / repairs
  • Strip-on edge field coils
  • Shunt coils
  • DC field and armature
  • Equaliser windings
  • Compole and mainpole coils
  • Compensating bars and coils

Our specifications

  • Resin rich or global VPI insulation systems
  • Insulation system rated up to 22kV AC
  • Class F and Class H temperature rise
  • 6m stator core length
  • Roebel bars (360° and 540°)

Our testing

  • Impulse inter-turn
  • Tan Delta
  • Partial discharge
  • Thermal cycle
  • Voltage endurance