Replacement Motors and Generators

As machines head towards the end of operational life, a replacement is the only remaining option and a suitable equivalent needs to be sourced. Here, Quartzelec can support in the following fields:

Plug and play – supporting our legacy machines

Our 100 years’ design and manufacturing experience and access to engineering and drafting data for our historic product portfolio allow us to continue to supply repeat plug and play replacement machines for our legacy brands.

A plug and play machine would be as close as effectively possible to a ‘duplicate’ machine from our vintage family, offering full electrical and mechanical interchangeability with the original machine and commonality of spares.

All positioning of foot fixings, shaft end details, shaft shoulder to front foot fixing hole, centre height, mains, and auxiliary terminal boxes would be identical.

Due to continuous development in terms of materials, our team can look at how machine performance can be improved.

Legacy products

Our products include:

  • Induction Motors: Impak, Flowpak, Flowpak 2, Unipak, Unipak 2, I Range
  • Synchronous Motors: Type A
  • Synchronous Generators: Unipak, Types GG, AG, AK
  • DC Machines: Types DR, DL, DRC, DLC

Drop In – for machines of other OEM manufacture or obsolete ranges

We provide full reverse engineering to produce the necessary manufacturing drawings for replica machine solutions, which will straightforwardly exchange – ‘Drop in’ – with existing drives for our obsolete ranges of machines, as well as those designed by other original equipment manufacturers (OEM).

Designed to ensure an electrically similar performance with the original machine and manufactured to ensure mechanical interchangeability, the ‘Drop In’ machine would have the same centre height as the existing machine it replaces. It would also have the same shaft end details and relative foot fixing holes to the shaft end datum.

The ‘Drop In’ replacement offers clients peace of mind in knowing that critical drives from their existing fleet can be replaced when end-of-life is reached.

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