We offer a range of certified and uncertified main and neutral terminal boxes, suitable for 3.3kV applications and above. ATEX certification is in place for hazardous area applications. IECEx certification is also available.

Our range of terminal boxes includes:

  • Phase-segregated – designed to eliminate phase-to-phase faults (ATEX and IECEx-certified – Ex eb // Ex ec)
  • Euromold (inline and triangular arrangements) – for larger rated HV machines, operating in hazardous areas (ATEX-certified – Ex e // Ex nA)
  • Air-insulated – primarily for terminal box upgrade or retrofit (ATEX-certified – Ex e)
  • Weatherproof – suitable for Zone 2 applications (ATEX-certified – Ex nA)
  • Phase-insulated (BEAMA / CEGB) – historically supplied on GEC machines (ATEX-certified – Ex e // Ex nA)
  • Protection enclosure – housing mains and neutral terminals, lightning, and surge protection (ATEX-certified – Ex nA)
  • Phase-separated – ensuring phase-to-phase faults are eliminated (BS229 pressure containing)