Demand for Quartzelec’s Range of ATEX Certified and Uncertified Terminal Boxes Jumps as Global Businesses Require Electrical Supply Protection

With an ever growing number of electrical machines now being manufactured and sourced from overseas, customers still need to ensure that the electrical terminal boxes comply with international safety and manufacturing standards, particularly if they are being operated in potentially hazardous environments. This has made upgrade units, which are typically implemented as part of the commissioning process, extremely popular; resulting in demand for Quartzelec’s superior range of electrical supply termination boxes, more than quadrupling in the past year.

Fabricated using quality steel plate to an extremely high engineering standard by Quartzelec’s fabrication and welding business TS Metals, the boxes are transported to Quartzelec’s Sheffield facility where the terminations are fitted and then finished in a grey semi-gloss, two-pack epoxy finish. The range includes certified and uncertified main and neutral terminal boxes, suitable up to 15kV applications

Phase segregated, Phase insulated (BEAMA / CEGB), weatherproof and protection enclosure are included in this range of terminal boxes and can be used in hazardous area applications as all the necessary ATEX certification is in place, to Ex e // Ex n standards. The boxes are also suitable for over-spraying in any colour and stainless steel fasteners and warning plates are fitted as standard. Gland plates are also supplied blank or drilled and tapped to suit cable glands

"The cost of designing, testing and gaining the required ATEX certification is often prohibitive to manufacturers, which is why our solutions, which already have all the necessary accreditations in place are proving popular and sales continue to grow," explained Matt Brown, General Manager, Quartzelec Sheffield. "We have an excellent reputation for both safety and quality and our long and illustrious heritage means that customers recognise and appreciate and value our terminal boxes and enclosures."

Euromold triangular compliant ATEX certified Ex e // Ex n terminal boxes have a maximum rating of 1250A, 15kV (uncertified) // 11kV (certified) and are fault tested to 43.8kA for 0.25 secs (terminal box) and >50kA for 1.0 sec (Euromold connectors). IP67 rated for outdoor applications they have a 5mm blank steel gland plate as standard, with a variety of options including external pressure relief and partial discharge monitoring coils also available.

The phase segregated terminal box has a maximum rating of 11kV, 810A (uncertified) // 545A (certified) and can be supplied with tails, jointed in sealing chamber and compound filled, or direct without joint in a sealing chamber, one per phase only. Again it is IP67 rated for outdoor applications.


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