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Contract and Manufacturing

contract manufacturing

You have the great tasks, we have the appropriate capacities and skills: We will support you with traditional contract services according to your needs. Please contact us – and stay flexible in this way, just like you want it.

Special welded constructions

Material blanks

  • 3D plasma cutting machine
  • Band saws
  • Plate shear

Bending, rolling & chamfering

  • Membrane wall bending (segments)
  • CNC tube bending (mandrel-less booster bender)
  • 4 rollers CNC round bending (rolling) of steel sheets/flat steels
  • 3 rollers profile bending of tubes and flat steel
  • CNC press brake

CNC turning & milling

  • CNC turning – universal turning machine
  • CNC milling – universal vertical milling machine
  • CNC boring & milling – table boring machine

Manual and automatic contract welding

  • Manual welding procedure
  • Special welding equipment
  • 12-axis robot gantry welding machine

Heat treatment

  • Stress relief heat treatment
  • Low hydrogen annealing
  • Normalisation
  • Annealing with resistor elements
  • Annealing with resistor elements
  • Mobile lightweight construction furnace (modular) for special dimensions
  • Heat treatments for the implementation of welding works (preheating and heat retention)
  • Annealing furnaces

Compressed air blasting & industrial painting

  • Blasting cabinet
  • Continuous blasting machine
  • Painting cabin

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