defence products

Kato Engineering received its first government contract in 1938 to furnish the original 31 US Army flying fields with AC generators for ground instrumentation.

When WWII began, Kato was swamped with orders for field hospitals, ships, army camps and other military operations.

Today’s world can be a dangerous place. That is why defence forces around the globe must always be ready. They must be prepared to spring into action at a moment’s notice. And from Navy ships to airforce bases, from Coast Guard cutters to army defence systems, Kato generators and electrical solutions are always on duty.

At Kato Engineering, we’ve been working with the US and other military forces for over 65 years to provide reliable, efficient and economical generators, motor-generator sets and controls.

Deep inside dozens of ship’s hulls, Kato equipment is at work, supplying reliable prime or standby hotel power and power regulation. Kato motors provide reliable, efficient propulsion for Hybrid Drive systems.

Kato motor generator sets and high-frequency generators provide line conditioning and frequency conversion for sensitive applications such as aircraft ground power, radar stations and computer centres. In government and defence buildings worldwide, Kato high-speed motor generators are a trusted source of emergency power. Kato high-speed motor-generator sets are at the heart of Ford carrier class electromagnetic aircraft launching systems (EMALS).

Superior design and manufacturing capability

Kato Engineering has a world-class staff of professionals to support research and development, design, manufacturing and service activities. Kato utilises engineering and project management resources, dedicated solely to defence and government projects, to ensure effective solutions and strict compliance to even the most difficult of electrical challenges.

These resources, combined with our commercial business base, allow us to use the latest technology to provide a reliable product with an economical price. Kato is proficient in areas from manufacturing existing designs to developing cutting-edge technology. Kato is also there to partner in all phases of your project, from providing technical information before the sale to the final design.

AC & DC generators for ship hotel power

Kato’s naval applications include launching platforms, fighting ships, support craft, research & survey vessels and submarines. These on-board Kato generators provide reliable emergency or complete vessel power, depending on the need.

High-shock bearings and a rugged frame on Kato ship generators absorb and dissipate constant pounding dished out by turbulent seas.

Totally enclosed units are equipped with one or two internal fans. Air is forced up and through a large air-to-water radiator, which is within the generator enclosure. Air is continually re-circulated with the heat created from the generator being displaced by cool water from the radiator coils. The radiator consists of an inner tube of 90-10 copper-nickel for corrosion resistance and an outer tube to prevent water leakage.

High-voltage insulation

The Navy’s demand for greater power density has increased the need for generators with a high-voltage output. While 450V was the standard for ship applications, 4160V and 13.8kV requirements are now common. In order to meet these demands, Kato Engineering has developed a new, high-voltage stator coil.