POWER ENGINEERING provides preventive and executive complete planning (structural calculations and construction drawings) of any kind of metalwork for civil and industrial use. Some of our past work covers metal structures for buildings in general:

  • Buildings and multi-storey steel for civil and industrial use
  • Security stairs, canopies
  • Industrial buildings
  • Mezzanines, catwalks and inspection platforms
  • Guideways for cranes and electrowelded beams

Support structure for transport and storage of plants for loose materials:

  • Conveyor on suspended beams and on tunnel
  • Trusses, exchange tapes towers and pillars
  • Silos batteries, hoppers and tanks for liquids
  • Various structures for facilities support

Calculation of bridge decks with steel and composite steel – concrete structures:

  • Bridges and viaducts in straight and curved metal beam, via top and bottom
  • Arch bridges
  • Pedestrian walkways

Design of port machinery (ship loader and unloader) :

  • Dimensioning of bearing structures of cranes on dock or barge for loading and unloading of bulk materials from ships
  • Verification of static strength and fatigue resistance of mechanical components