The cleanest fossil fuel available, natural gas is used in the most economical way in all Wärtsilä power plants. This is possible thanks to their high-efficiency at any load and unbeatable flexibility to start and stop exactly according to needs.

Besides the combination of efficiency and flexibility, these gas power plants also offer low-emissions, and can provide a great amount of power in a reduced site, making it the optimal solution for locations where minimising the environmental impact is a priority. As such, they can be placed close to consumption nodes, optimising the power system.

Wärtsilä gas power plants can run on natural gas, LPG and various biogases.

The benefits:

  • Plant electrical efficiency of up to 50% in simple cycle and 54% in combined cycle mode
  • Only 5 bar gas pressure requirements for operation, which means no gas compressor is needed at the plant​
  • Lean-burn technology guarantees very low emissions by itself, complying with most regulations, including IFC (World Bank group).
  • By adding an SCR (selective catalythic reduction) unit, even the most stringent standards worldwide can be met.