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GenOSys Remote Power System Management

Connected Solutions - GenOSys

, flexible asset management tool

Power system fleet managers need accurate, timely information about the performance of their systems to improve safety, efficiency and cost containment.

The solution

GenOSys is an advanced, flexible asset management tool that monitors, tracks and alerts end users with key data regarding power system performance for both retrofit and new builds.

The GenOSys system includes on-site electronics and hardware, secured local and remote processing, and a customisable secured web interface.

With real-time operating asset data available remotely, safety is improved and performance can be optimised. The opportunities to improve power system quality are endless.

Benefits of GenOSys:

  • Reliable, real-time power system information, even from remote locations
  • Optimal power quality
  • Improved operating asset and site efficiency
  • Extended equipment life before the need for a rebuild
  • Reduced likelihood of catastrophic asset failure and premature replacement costs
  • Improved workforce safety
  • Enhanced ease of use
  • Centralised fleet management
  • Streamline maintenance and service organizations
  • Eliminate unnecessary preventative and predictive maintenance
  • Control field repair quality

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