The GSG is a BB5-type pump intended for feed water applications in fossil, industrial, and large biomass-fired power plants.

The horizontal pump is ready to use without pre-warming and is able to absorb high forces and movements thanks to its centreline mounting.

Main benefits

  • Price-competitive multi-stage barrel pump
  • Centreline mounting absorbs high forces and moments
  • No pre-warming required
  • Hydrodynamic bearings for higher energy services
  • Self-equalised tilting pad thrust bearing Kingsbury type to accommodate thrust variations in transient conditions

Main applications

  • Feed water

Main design features

  • High head per stage and balanced radial loads
  • Diffuser-type allows replacement of individual stage pieces
  • Stacked rotor with staggered keyways to transmit torque
  • Dynamically balanced rotor for smooth operation
  • Design of balance drum and axial thrust bearing for extreme conditions