In 1972, SOLAFT developed high-temperature filter bags for the coal-fired power industry and we have continued to develop new fabrics to meet the demands of customers and operating conditions.


  • The high-temperature filter bags are designed to ensure highly efficient particle separation from gas under extreme conditions.
  • The tailored fabric is constructed based on the operating conditions to guarantee high performance, longer bag life lower emissions and differential pressure.
  • We offer advice and solutions for optimal bag house set-up based on our experience and knowledge.


We have a range of high-temperature fabrics that are able to perform in conditions from 150⁰C to 260⁰C. Woven and non-woven high-temperature technical textile filter media is available in aramid, polyimide (P84), polyphenylene sulphide (PPS), fibreglass and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE).

SOLAFT can assist with combating filtration issues such as emissions control, thermal and chemical resistance, differential pressure and cleaning frequency.