The HPT pump is particularly designed for boiler feed applications in thermal power stations.

The pumps are improved to provide effective operation over an extended period of time, decreasing operating and maintenance costs.

Main benefits

  • Maximum safety due to double casing design. Pipework connections remain undisturbed during disassembly
  • High-strength barrel material to resist thermal shock
  • Full cartridge pull-out for rapid changeover
  • Design features that eliminate the need for pre-warming in most installations
  • Long operating life regardless of the operating mode

Main applications

  • Main boiler feed in thermal power stations

Main design features

  • Barrel design incorporates many design features resulting from Sulzer / EPRI research contract
  • Axial thrust compensation by balance piston to avoid damage during transient conditions
  • Fully rated double-acting tilting pad thrust bearing
  • Radial grooves for increased radial stiffness, reduced effect on rotor tilting, and good rotor dynamic behaviour
  • Swirl break at balance piston to maintain rotor stability, even when the running clearances are worn

Key characteristics

Capacities: Up to 4,000m3/h / 17,600 US gpm

Heads: Up to 4,200m / 13,800ft

Pressures: Up to 450bar / 6,530psi

Temperatures: Up to 220°C / 430°F

Discharge sizes: Up to 500mm / 20in

Maximum speed of rotation: 6,750rpm