The K Series gas compressor systems are the solution for gas treatment and processing applications that need high energy savings, low operational cost and constant efficiency throughout the entire project lifecycle. With 1.5 to 10 bar(g) pressure range and up to 2560 m³/h, the K Series covers the gas compression requirements in many industries, from the oil and gas and energy sectors to chemicals and more. The high-quality, sturdy design of these gas compressor systems meets the most stringent safety criteria, including the Atex directive EN 1012-3.

The K Series gas compressor systems handle a wide range of gases, including: methane (CH₄), ethane (C₂H₆), carbon dioxide (CO₂), nitrogen (N₂), biogas, natural gas and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

Each K Series system is designed according to the specific gas composition and application.

Pneumofore Rotary Vane technology, which is at the core of the K Series, ensures trouble-free operation, stable performance over the years and the lowest lifecycle cost available in the market.

Standard and optional features

The K Series gas compressor systems can be designed water- or air-cooled according to the customer’s needs. All components are skid-mounted, ready-to-go.

These units are CE Atex EN 1012-3.

The K Series gas compressor systems are available with the following options:

  • Variable speed (VS) drive from 35Hz-60Hz to manage any variation of flow request
  • Skid-mounted or optional sound-proof enclosure
  • Off-skid electrical panel
  • On-board monitoring
  • Extra accessories such as inlet and outlet filters.