The Miro-F Transformer Monitor and Logger provides data that helps optimise maintenance, operations and network planning activities and is specifically designed for transformer monitoring on a large scale.

The Miro-F offers comprehensive and reliable LV side transformer monitoring and includes measurements of three-phase voltages, four currents (three phases and neutral) and two temperatures and other power quality parameters.

The Miro-F incorporates fixed-voltage leads and removable current sensors. The current sensors (clamp on CTs or Rogowski coils) can be customised to match the transformer load. The Miro-F incorporates a back-plate and four magnetic feet for quick and easy installation on to the transformer or pole. The weatherproof design (IP66) makes the Miro-F suitable for installation on pole-top transformers.

The Miro-F is equipped with integrated remote cellular communications (3G/4G) and offer various communication protocols, i.e. TCP / IP, FTP, Automatic Data Retrieval, and DNP3.

Large-scale network monitoring solutions utilising multiple Miro-F instruments can be implemented, providing network engineers with information for planning, operations, maintenance and network modelling. The data can be also be interfaced into a database, e.g. Pi Historian.

CHK Power Quality recognises the critical need for security. Secure communication can be established using SSH (Secure Shell) for TCP / IP and FTPES (File Transfer Protocol Explicit Security) for FTP.

All CHK Power Quality products share a common software platform, i.e. Citrus. The Citrus software is easy and intuitive to use and facilitates easy and quick analysis of data, allowing users to take necessary decisions.

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