Emerson’s Ovation™ distributed control system is renowned for delivering precision control with outstanding performance. That precision begins with the Ovation controller secure, mission-critical operations such as those of power generation, water and wastewater plants.

The OCR1100 model of the Ovation controller series executes simple or complex modulating and sequential control strategies, performs data acquisition functions and interfaces to the Ovation network and various I/O sub-systems. It has the capability to originate up to 32,000 points.

Secure, reliable and mission-critical control capability, providing ‘bumpless’ automatic failover between redundant controllers.

Features include:

  • Fast processor for increased productivity
  • One-step data acquisition functionality through the definition of the I/O database
  • Small footprint with low power requirements and fan-less operation
  • Interfaces to Ovation and WDPF I/O, both local and remote
  • Integral interface to digital busses through Ovation I/O modules
  • Integrated virtual I/O capability for third-party OEM systems over Ethernet protocols
  • Non-volatile storage of application software, point database, configuration information, and operating tuning constants
  • An integrated sequence of events capability with one-millisecond resolution
  • Meets IEC 61131-3 standards
  • Achilles Level 1 certified