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plastocor® P400 High-Performance Coating Systems

3D cooling waterplastocor® P400 High-Performance Coating Systems are specially developed to endure the extreme conditions of condenser and cooling water cycle equipment and are suitable to apply on various substrates such as carbon steel, cast iron or concrete.

plastocor-international SA supplies one-stop turnkey, made-to-measure protective and repair coating technologies and application systems for common corrosion and erosion problems along the entire cooling water cycle, e.g. for heat exchangers, water boxes, tanks and cooling water piping. plastocor® P400 High-Performance Coating Systems are also suitable for use in the food industry, tanks circulating water inflow structures, containments, FGD systems, desalination plants, wind tower (splash zones, nacelles, blades, foundations), condenser water boxes, heat exchanger channel heads, and circulating water piping tunnels.

Our team of highly trained and locally skilled plastocor® Expert Applicators are available at short notice and our solutions can be applied anywhere around the world, within days. Our one-stop turnkey solution involves initial analysis and diagnosis of the given problem, on-site inspection and evaluation, surface preparation, solution application and maintenance, plus aftersales services. This bespoke approach allows us to quickly understand our client’s issue and provide a made-to-measure solution, allowing a rapid return to operation.

Focusing on carbon steel structures, the plastocor® High-Performance Coating system consists of a high-performance, epoxy liner installed from 600-3,125 microns in thickness. Thicker applications can be supplied where rebuilding of corroded surfaces or a ‘bulletproof’ lining is required.

Restoring severely corroded cast iron condenser water boxes and circulating water piping is one of our specialities. Special procedures have been established for the degraphitisation, decontamination, fairing, patching, and lining of cast iron structures.

We supply and apply special products for the decontamination, sealing, rebuilding and patching of circulation water piping and tunnels made of concrete prior to the application of a high-performance epoxy coating. Advanced products and procedures are employed for crack repair and treatment of other seams.

A further option is the plastocor® DIY Coating Application, which allows for on-site application by in-house personnel, where we provide support and guidance on how to apply our products.

Our 100% solids non-solvent, non-VOC, epoxy coating systems are safe to use in confined spaces, involve no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) and can be used across the entire power generation industry, as well as in wind utilities. The plastocor® High-Performance Coating system offers a sustainable, eco-friendly alternative as its long-term, maintenance-free solution extends the lifespan of the entire cooling water cycle.

plastocor® Technology, i.e. plastocor® Cladding in combination with the plastocor® Inlet System and plastocor® Tube Lining System and plastocor® High-Performance Coatings for water boxes and other cooling water cycle equipment, is the ultimate protective system for the entire condenser. plastocor® technology systems, in combination, are designed so as to endure extreme conditions and can be applied in all climatic conditions.

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