SOLAFT’s PrimaFlow™ (patent pending) is a revolutionary combination of proprietary filter bag, cage and customised filtration media. The unique design improves the quality and quantity of gas flow along the entire length of the filter bag, and represents the future of extended surface bag technology.


  • Increased filtration area resulting in reduced air-to-cloth ratio
  • Significant reduction in differential pressure, pulsing and energy costs
  • Improved gas flow and uniform cake distribution along the length of the filter bag
  • Higher particulate capture leading to lower emissions
  • Allows for an increase in production load over standard bags


  • Can assist with combating filtration issues such as emissions control, thermal and chemical resistance, cleaning frequency, flexural resistance, air-to-cloth ratio, media blinding and media abrasion
  • Can be retrofitted without modification to existing cleaning systems and cell plates, allowing for an increase in production load without the need for an expensive capital upgrade
  • Used in a broad range of chemical environments many industrial applications including:
    • Aluminium, power generation, cement, iron and steel