Pneumofore gas machines are the solution for gas treatment and processing applications that need high energy savings, low operational cost and constant efficiency over decades.

For gas applications, Pneumofore understands a vacuum pump or a gas compressor as the pumping air-end, that is the mechanical device without a lubrication circuit. The company also supplies the vacuum pump or gas compressor either bare-shaft or completed with connection accessories.

K2 Gas Booster Gas Compressors Systems

The K2 Series Gas Booster Compressor Systems are designed to compress gas from the inlet pressure of two to ten bar(g) to the outlet pressure up to 18 bar(g). Almost every compressor has different working parameters, as the inlet and outlet pressure can vary strongly, this requires a dedicated study for the correct lubrication and cooling design.

KD Series Double-Stage Gas Compressor Systems

The KD Series Double-Stage Gas Compressor Systems are composed of two compression stages to reach end-pressure of 11 to 18 bar(g). Assembled on a single or double skid, these systems can be set up for air- or water-cooling, outdoor or indoor, with or without cabin and electrical devices.