service and support power industry


Spare part service

With us, your plant will maintain a stable operation in the long run. As an experienced manufacturer, we produce and deliver original spare parts of Meeraner quality for you. On time, reliable – and durable, even for other brands. In order to ensure that you have the correct part at the place where you need it, we also take care of logistics.

Wear protection (Cladding)

Boiler components are particularly stressed in incineration plants: Corrosive and erosive material abrasion causes many components to wear particularly quickly. We counteract this with semi-finished products – equipped with a welded, very robust protective layer made of alloy (nickel-base materials).

The result is particularly robust and durable tubes/tube bundles, membrane walls or also headers. Meeraner Dampfkesselbau also turns highly stressed burner components into durable, wear-resistant components: by means of hard cladding with wolfram carbide and/or nickel welding fillers. This efficient wear protection is also possible in retrospect as retrofitting.


Basic and detailed engineering

With modern CAD software like Inventor or Creo, we also integrate your plans without difficulties. We also perform the production upon request – of uncompromised Meeraner quality.

  • 3D models and drawings
  • Adjustments to changed application conditions
  • Use of new technologies/replacement of components
  • Modification to other fuels
  • Retrofitting and expansion
  • Rehabilitation and modernization
  • Technical consulting and feasibility studies

Calculation and design

Which parameters are available? What has to be dimensioned in which way? How can future requirements already be considered beforehand? What can be optimised at which point with which effort? Our experts know what really matters. In every detail.

  • Design/calculation/evaluation of process data
  • Mathematical preliminary test by the TÜV (components and parts)
  • Collection and evaluation of operating data
  • Damage survey/error analysis/process optimization
  • Performance and energy optimization
  • Efficiency-boosting measures
  • Adjustments to changed application conditions/official requirements/tighter limits

Welding advice

Know-how at first hand. By experts for experts. And above all, with direct practical relevance. We advise you on everything concerned with welding techniques. In this way, you can make progress without detours.

  • Handling of relevant guidelines
  • Material selection, processing and possible applications
  • Quality standards and valid guidelines
  • Development of test plans and test instructions regarding the non-destructive test
  • Development of welding repair technologies
  • Preparation of welding procedure and production control test documents
  • Development of welding and heat treatment instructions
  • Preparation of work samples / tests and test implementations
  • Organisation and implementation of welding procedure tests

NDT Testing Laboratory

Advice & analysis

Which are the details you should give special attention to? Where are hidden obstacles? How can you limit possible damages? Is a test still performed on time? Which procedure is the correct one? Our experts are at your disposal with their entire know-how:

  • Consulting on the selection of test methods
  • Preparation of reference blocks for component testing
  • Material determination (PMI test)
  • Coating thickness measurements
  • Roughness measurements
  • Hardness measurements
  • Pressure tests
  • 3D measurement with FARO Laser Tracker

Non-destructive material testing

High-quality components and parts should stay in their installed position, if possible – without being damaged in the course of the test. For this purpose, we offer you different methods. All of these are non-destructive, as well as tried and tested.

  • Radiographic test/X-ray test RT
  • Ultrasonic test UT
  • Magnetic particle testing MT (surface crack testing)
  • Penetration test PT (surface crack testing)
  • Visual inspection VT (video endoscopy)