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Site Services, Repair and Rebuild


From scheduled maintenance to emergency repairs, CFE Technology has the resources to keep axial and centrifugal fans operating, regardless of the manufacturer.

Scheduled fan maintenance not only allows for budgetary planning and possible reductions in inventory and associated costs, but also provides regular mechanical inspections and tests to evaluate fan condition and performance. CFE checks the critical signs that indicate potential problems and these can normally be corrected during a scheduled outage.

CFE Repair

Repair and rebuild capabilities

  • Fan repair, rebuild or replacement of all manufacturers’ sizes and designs
  • Computer-aided design
  • Manufacturing, including full machining of impellers of all sizes, using state-of-the-art metal forming techniques, the use of specialist impeller and liner protection materials, hard surface coatings, and precision dynamic balancing
  • On-site fan repair
  • Non-destructive testing, including ultrasonic, radiographic, dye-penetrant and magnetic particle inspections
  • Field balancing, vibration and resonance analyses
  • Electronic equipment to analyse field performance tests
  • Fast response and consultation
  • Global network of field sales offices serving the utility and industrial markets
  • Locations for repair in Europe, North America, and Asia
Repair 3

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