SJD (CEP) pumps are specified wherever inadequate NPSH is obtainable, either due to system restraints or liquids functioning close to their vapour pressure.

NPSH requirements of the pump are met by simply adjusting the length of the pump and can, with the advantage of minimised floor space usage.

Main benefits

  • Carbon graphite product lubricated bearing in bowls and columns for long maintenance-free periods
  • Removable seal housing allows servicing of the throttle bushing without removing the head
  • Separate fabricated driver stand allows the use of one suction and discharge head per pump size
  • Spacer coupling allows servicing of the mechanical seal and thrust bearing as required
  • Can has lateral and anti-rotational ribs that provide uniform inlet velocity along the can length

Main applications

Condensate extraction and heater drain pumps in:

  • Thermal power plants
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Industrial power plants
  • Concentrated solar power (CSP) plants

Main design features

  • Single suction (high net suction specific speed NSS) or double suction (low NSS) impellers provide high head for the first stage
  • Replaceable wear ring surface for impellers and bowls
  • Cast of fabricated suction and discharge head
  • Shaft sealing using a single or double mechanical seal
  • Axial thrust bearing in the pump or motor

Key characteristics

Capacities: Up to 4,900m3/h / 21,560 US gpm

Heads: Up to 400m / 1,300ft

Pressures: Up to 94bar / 1,360 psi

Temperatures: Up to 100°C / 212°F

Maximum speed of rotation: Up to 1,800rpm