Spiral heat exchanger

Tranter Spiral Heat Exchangers are utilised for a wide variety of industry applications, especially for process industries. As a result of the flexibility of the custom-made tailored design, they can be used as heaters, coolers, interchangers and condensers.

Spiral heat exchangers are ideally suited for handling ‘difficult’ fluids, such as sludge, slurries, heavy-fouling, viscous and/or particle-laden liquids, but also where fluids have to condense at low pressure drops. Each spiral heat exchanger is a custom-made product and can be made from any cold-workable and weldable material.

Because of the single-flow passages, the spiral heat exchanger is state-of-the-art technology especially in the case of fouling, viscous and/or particle-loaded fluids and is therefore frequently the first, if not the only choice.