A Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system works in conjunction with turbine inlet air chilling and serves as a thermal "battery" that provides instant enhanced power when you need it most.

Power plant operators can reap significant output and efficiency benefits when combining TES with TIAC, enabling plants to achieve the highest possible net plant output.

Operational flexibility

The primary function of TES is to reduce (or eliminate) the parasitic load of the chilling equipment during times when the value of a kilowatt is highest. This allows power producers to shift the power required to run the TIAC system to off-peak times when power is in less demand and the value of the power sold from the power plant is at the lowest value. This increases the power available for use during peak periods, and improves the financial performance of the power plant asset.

Thermal energy storage advantages

  • Increased output and efficiency
  • Instant enhanced power to meet peak demand
  • Enhanced operational flexibility
  • Lower capital and operating costs