Transtherm’s range of complete pump sets are straightforward and cost effective, suitable for commercial and industrial use.

  • Types of applications include chilled water systems, condenser water cooling systems, combined heat and power systems, industrial air compressor applications and induction heating systems.
  • Fully packaged with lugged butterfly valves for pump isolation, Y-type strainers, binder test points, pressure gauges, NRVs and auto air vents, where required
  • Full control packages supplied with the options of DOL or soft starting and pressure based inverter speed control
  • Ferrous and non-ferrous systems with end suction or vertical multistage pumps available
  • Multiple optional extras are available including:

-Brazed or gasketed heat exchangers for heat recovery or to put a break in the system

-Local isolators for electrical isolation of pumps

-Rubber bellow flexible connections to compensate for axial extension and compression, as well as transverse and angular deflection

-Dosing pot to feed corrosion inhibitors or antifreeze into closed circuit systems safely

-Pressurisation sets designed to replace water lost through system leakage and maintain system design fill pressure in sealed water systems