2d cladding inletThe plastocor® Inlet Coating System, applicable to both tube inlet and outlet, creates a feathered termination, which eliminates the chance of step-erosion.

The original plastocor® Inlet Coating System indefinitely protects and repairs condensers and heat exchanger tubes against inlet / outlet end corrosion and erosion. Our smart, simple, sustainable solution eliminates the risk of step-erosion, a common problem with the use of plastic or metal inserts.

Thanks to this trusted method, the lifetime of condenser and heat exchanger tubes is considerably increased, meaning a direct positive impact on operational budgets for plant operators. plastocor® Inlet Coating System’s unique three-step method further allows for expert planning and optimisation of maintenance budgets. This multiple-colour coating system makes it possible to calculate the remaining lifetime of the coated tubes after any given time of operation, enabling our customers to plan ahead accordingly.

Retubing, which involves replacing corroded tubes with new ones, or unforeseen shutdowns due to leakages caused by damaged tubes imply a severe reduction in efficiency and output reliability, as well as major costs. At plastocor-international SA, we understand the need to reduce operation and maintenance costs, while increasing equipment availability. Our aim is to minimise the costs of loss of equipment life due to tube corrosion and as our method can bridge small perforations of the tube wall thereby repairing the tube, the need to retube is postponed or even eliminated.

Heat exchanger fouling is another major economic problem with extremely high maintenance costs. The plastocor® Inlet Coating System offers a viable alternative to costly retubing, allowing plant operators to extend the lifetime of the equipment. Used in combination with plastocor® Cladding System it offers the optimal life extension of over 20 years at a fraction of the costs involved in retubing. As our three-step method provides plant operators with an expert planning tool, future maintenance costs can be budgeted for appropriately.

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