2d tube liningThe original patented plastocor® Tube Lining System is used for the internal protective coating of heat exchanger and condenser tubes along their entire length, prolonging equipment life while also increasing its availability.

At plastocor-international SA we understand how essential cleaning and maintenance are when it comes to running an efficient condenser. Our original patented plastocor® Tube Lining System is an attractive alternative when considering maintenance and cleaning options. We know that the heat transfer rate, as well as the integrity of condenser and heat exchanger tubes, will deteriorate over time due to fouling, corrosion and/or erosion. Using pioneer plastocor® Technology dramatically reduces the damage caused by these common problems and has the added value of considerably extending the lifespan of small calibre tubes (3-4mm) of condensers and heat exchangers damaged by erosion and corrosion.

When tube damage reduces the efficiency of the condenser or unit, retubing, i.e. replacing corroded tubes with new ones, becomes a highly time-consuming and costly operation. Our unique on-site application system allows for full-length tube coatings of approx. The 15m length can be carried out during regular outages. It also improves the efficiency of condensers and coolers by reducing fouling and recuperating already lost tubes due to erosion. Downtube coatings are the most economical way to extend the lifetime of tubes along the entire cooling water cycle. plastocor-international SA supplies the technology, machinery and services to conduct full-length tube coatings.

The original patented plastocor® Tube Lining System is not only smart and simple, but it is also sustainable as it eliminates almost all metal ion discharges to the cooling water such as copper, zinc, arsenic, as well as chemical cleaning, in compliance with strict environmental standards. All plastocor® Tube Lining materials are 100% solids, non-solvents and non-VOC.

The plastocor® Tube Lining System is fully compatible with the plastocor® Cladding System and the plastocor® Inlet Coating System, creating a highly effective protection system for the entire condenser.

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