Turbotect provide specialty products and services to the power generation market, essentially in the technology areas of gas turbine fuel treatment and compressor cleaning.

Turbotect compressor cleaners are approved and endorsed by most of the major gas turbine manufacturers, and have been thoroughly tested to ensure compliance with OEM specifications and industry standards. It offers both water-based and solvent-based detergents approved for ON LINE and OFF LINE compressor wet cleaning applications.

It provides the product range from Turbotect 2020, 927 and 950 water-based cleaner. Besides, Turbotect can also provide the non-hazardous anti-icing agents for compressor cleaning, nozzle injection systems, stationary wash skids and mobile wash carts etc.


A new generation – more powerful compressor cleaner with even greater overall cleaning efficiency representing yet another milestone in water based chemistry. TURBOTECT 2020 is suitable for all types of gas turbines, including the modern high-output models, and can be used for both ON LINE and OFF LINE cleaning applications.

The TURBOTECT 2020 water-based series enables cleaning performance comparable to most solvent-based products, but also ensures less environmental impact through excellent biodegradability.