The V Series Silencer is for low-speed gas flows and for noise generated by the turbulence of low-speed gas flows and medium-high spectral components.

The noise propagating along the pipe is muffled as it goes through the dissipative section.

The dissipative section is formed by a series of sound-absorbing finned elements arranged concentrically which deliver high sound-deadening performances with limited pressure drops.


  • Shell: Carbon steel Fe 430B Acciaio al carbonio Fe 430B
  • Reactive section: Carbon steel Fe 360B
  • Dissipative section: Bored elements in carbon steel Fe360B filled with rot-proof and non-flammable viscous materials at differentiated density
  • Finish: 60 micron anti-rust coating for temperatures up to 100°C.
  • Flange and counterflange: Not included