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Repair and Overhaul Services

Young & Franklin

Young & Franklin provides comprehensive repair and remanufacturing services for all its products at its main facility in Liverpool, New York, US. The company has also partnered with local business partners to offer factory-authorised repair and overhaul services for its international customers. To find your local representative, please contact the company via the enquiry form.

Remanufacturing restores used and end-of-life products to as-new operating condition by replacing worn or damaged components and updating products to the latest design. The Young & Franklin complete overhaul process comprises these five steps:

  1. Incoming inspection and test
  2. Complete disassembly
  3. Remanufacturing
  4. Engineering and assembly updates
  5. Test and paint

Benefits of Young & Franklin repair and overhaul services:

  • Young & Franklin uses specified OEM parts and procedures only
  • Factory-trained qualified technicians use the latest production drawings and work instructions
  • Overhaul incorporates all design improvements
  • Remanufactured to "Time Zero" or "Same-as-New" condition
  • "Same-as-New" warranty coverage
  • More than 50 years of remanufacturing expertise
  • Speed
  • Consistency
  • Complete device history record maintained by Young & Franklin
  • Financial advantage to buying new
  • Stocked spare parts and assemblies to minimise downtime
  • Spent fluids and materials are handled in an environmentally responsible manner

For more information, please contact the company via the enquiry form.

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