The NTEC will be located in the city of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin. Credit: Basin Electric Power Cooperative.
Construction on the NTEC project is set to commence in 2024. Credit: Clean Wisconsin.
The NTEC will be equipped with a Siemens SGT6-8000H turbine. Credit: Siemens.

The Nemadji Trail Energy Center (NTEC), a combined-cycle natural gas turbine (CCGT) plant, is planned to be constructed in the city of Superior, Douglas County, Wisconsin, US.

The NTEC is being developed by a partnership between Dairyland Power (50%), Basin Electric Power (30%), and Minnesota Power (20%).

The environmental assessment for the project was completed in October 2020. The estimated investment involved in the project is approximately $750m. The project received approval from the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin in 2020.

The NTEC project received two Findings of No Significant Impact (FONSI) from the US Department of Agriculture’s Rural Utilities Service, one in June 2021 and the latter in December 2023. The FONSI underscores the project’s role in supporting reliability towards clean energy transition and in generating family-supporting jobs.

The construction works are anticipated to commence in 2024 while the commissioning of the facility is expected in 2028.

The project is expected to generate more than 350 construction and 25 permanent jobs in Superior and yield approximately $1m in annual local tax benefits.

The NTEC facility is expected to offset 964,000 tons per year in carbon dioxide emissions.

Location details

The NTEC will be constructed in an industrially zoned, shovel-ready area of Superior City, Wisconsin, strategically positioned near existing electrical and natural gas infrastructure to optimise connectivity and efficiency.

The site is located east of the Enbridge Energy Superior Terminal, approximately 150ft from the Nemadji River and 250ft from the St. Francis cemetery.

Nemadji Trail Energy Center project details

The Nemadji Trail Energy Center will feature a one-on-one CCGT unit. The set-up includes a Siemens SGT6-8000H  gas turbine generator, a heat recovery steam generator with duct firing capability, and a steam turbine generator.

A dedicated supply line will carry natural gas to the NTEC, ensuring a consistent energy source. The electricity generated by both turbines will be transmitted to a transformer, from which it will be distributed through the electric grid to service residential needs.

The plant will employ a dry cooling system using finned heat exchangers to regulate temperature efficiently.

The project will include the construction of a new 16in-diameter lateral natural gas pipeline, which is designed to connect to the Great Lakes Transmission natural gas pipeline, facilitating the fuel supply to the project.

The design of the NTEC allows for the incorporation of up to 30% hydrogen. The plant is expected to emit significantly lower levels of carbon (approximately 60% less) and with a 97% reduction in other emissions.

The facility’s water requirements will be met by the local municipal water system.

Turbine details

The Nemadji Trail Energy Center proposed to use a Siemens SGT6-8000H turbine, which boasts an efficiency of more than 62% when operating in a combined cycle.

The design of the SGT6-8000H supports easy integration into various configurations of combined cycle plants. The turbine is equipped with a three-dimensional, four-stage turbine that utilises advanced materials and thermal barrier coatings.

The design contributes to the high efficiency of the turbine, which is further enhanced by the evolutionary 3D blading. The turbine’s vanes and blades are designed to be replaceable without lifting the rotor, and vane 1, blades 1 and 4 can be replaced without lifting the cover.

Power transmission

The NTEC power project will include the construction of approximately four miles of 345kV transmission line tap from the existing Arrowhead to Stone Lake Transmission Line.

A new switching station will be established south-east of the power plant site, which will serve as the connection point to the electricity grid. The associated substation will cover an area of approximately 4.3 acres.

Contractors involved in the Nemadji Trail Energy Center

American Transmission Company will be responsible for the connection between the switching station and the existing transmission line.

Superior Water Light & Power will construct and own the 16in-diameter natural gas pipeline for the project.