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Aging assets - inaccessible information

Utilities companies are constantly challenged to extend the lifecycle of their operational assets. But as infrastructure ages, the costs of maintenance can increase. At the same time, greying of the skilled workforce and a trend towards outsourcing further complicate this as valuable knowledge is lost to the organization.
Engineers, maintenance workers, and contractors require full access to information to organize, prioritize and aid in decision-making. If the plant data accessed does not reflect the actual situation on-site at that moment, costly rework is inevitable, and both safety and compliance with regulations may be compromised.

4 of the 10 world's largest Utility companies use BlueCielo solutions to improve operational efficiency

BlueCielo offers Utilities companies a comprehensive solution to manage and easily access all information related to revenue-generating assets throughout their lifetime. Our software contributes to extending asset longevity, avoiding downtime and provides full proof of control at any time. That's why companies like RWE, Reclamation, Idaho Power, New York Power Authority and Enecogen choose BlueCielo software to maximize their profitability.

Improved profitability - easy access to accurate information

With BlueCielo software you can reduce your costs with a centralized digital archive (single point of truth) while leveraging investment in your existing CAD, EAM and SAP systems. Our solutions help to avoid unplanned downtime through continuous maintenance, improved contractor management and project monitoring.
BlueCielo Meridian software ensures that up to date asset information is always available for shareholders, regulators and to respond fast in emergencies. Our software combats knowledge loss due to retirement by linking assets to documents and offers your team easy access to accurate information in the office or the field.

What Our Customers Say

"BlueCielo Meridian allows us to have up-to-date drawings at our fingertips no matter where we are on the project."
- Grand Coulee Dam (Reclamation)

"This implementation gave our people fast and simple access from their office and in the field. The users like BlueCielo Meridian. It is really fast."
- Idaho Power

"We are elated with the efficiency gained with BlueCielo Meridian and especially with the fact that everything you could possibly need to know about a specific drawing or group of drawings is available in a single location."
- Chugach Electric Association

"BlueCielo Meridian has proven to be a valuable boost to productivity. Engineering Information Management is an important way to create the integration that is needed to be more productive."
- New York Power Authority

How can BlueCielo Meridian help you?

Accurate information
Ensure 24/7 access to the latest information regardless of your location - even during concurrent projects.
Control change
Simplify the management of parallel engineering tasks within complex plant modifications.
Operational excellence
Improve asset management throughout the asset lifecycle for enhanced productivity, efficiency and safety.
Improve asset data integrity and extend the longevity of your revenue-generating assets.
Increase your return on assets through reduced production costs.
Comply with environmental, health and safety regulations including FERC and NERC throughout the asset lifecycle.
Protect your license to operate
Achieve zero-defect handovers between departments, contractors and suppliers and enjoy a full audit trail.

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