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Air Filtration for Gas Turbines, Compressors and Engines

Delbag Air Filtration offers holistically oriented air filter units for turbines, compressors and engines, which set economic and ecological standards. The products Delbag Air Filtration supplies range from pulse filter, cartridge filter and bag filter systems to inertial filter and rotary oil bath filter systems.

Customised air intake systems

Delbag Air Filtration air intake systems can be variably combined to match climatic conditions, dust concentration, local parameters and specific applications.

Static filters, pulse filters, inertial separators and depth-filter cartridge systems

In regions with relatively low dust concentration, a multi-stage static filter system consisting of a pre-filter (e.g. a pocket filter) and a fine filter (e.g. a filter element) is the most practical solution. A droplet separator is additionally integrated for climates with long periods of high humidity while a coalescer filter is recommended in wet outdoor zones (e.g. coastal areas and for offshore applications).

Anti-icing systems for power plants

Anti-icing systems are used wherever low temperatures can occur in combination with high humidity. Delbag Air Filtration anti-icing systems can be used in heat exchangers, warm and hot-air distributors, infrared systems and electric heaters.

Self-cleaning pulse filter systems

Self-cleaning pulse filter systems are used where high dust concentrations prevail, such as in desert areas or highly polluted industrial regions. The dust particles are captured on the surface of the filter media and are successfully removed by counter-flow pulse jet cleaning with compressed air. Delbag Air Filtration pulse filter systems are operated without additional anti-icing.

Inertial separators for extreme-dust areas

In regions in which great dust concentrations can occur, intake air can efficiently be cleaned by TFA inertial separators. The eliminated dust is ejected to the outside by a secondary-air fan, minimizing operating costs by avoiding exchangeable filter media.

Depth-filter cartridge systems

Depth-filter cartridge systems are effective in covering a broad field of application, using an economic pre-filter sock and a highly compact and efficient filter cartridge. Depth filters can also be used as retrofits for existing pulse filter systems.

Standard air intake systems

Standard solutions from Delbag Air Filtration are characterized by dimensionally matched modular configurations. All modules can be easily combined and extended by further standard components as weather hoods, droplet eliminators, sound attenuators and connecting air ducts.

Universal duct filters

The MultiMaster Vario universal duct filter is equipped with static filters such as filter mats, bag filters, filter elements and roll filters. G2 to H13 filter classes can be implemented.

Standard pulse filter systems

With the PowerTower standard pulse filter system, the technical benefits of pulse filter cartridges can be economically implemented, even for small air volumes. As a result, the PowerTower is especially used for engines and relatively small compressors.

Rotary-oil bath filters

The RotaClean rotary-oil bath filters are primarily used for filtration of coarse dust from the combustion air of diesel engine, including under the most difficult of environmental conditions.

Retrofit and improvement of air filter systems

Delbag Air Filtration has more than 50 years' experience in air intake filtration. Our service personnel survey existing filter installations, provide technical support, and analyze and optimize operating costs and filtration results by using appropriate software tools.

Depth filtration retrofit systems

We use depth filtration retrofit systems for existing pulse filter systems when the filter performance and the service life of pulse filter cartridges are not sufficient because of insufficient dust concentration.

Replacement filter media

Delbag Air Filtration offers virtually the entire spectrum of replacement filter media normally used on the market, including coalescer filters, class G2 to F7 pre-filters, fine filters in classes F6 to F9, HEPA filter elements in classes H10 to H13, as well as pulse filter and depth filter cartridges of all types and dimensions.

About DencoHappel

DencoHappel (formerly GEA Air Treatment) is one of the leading technology innovators in the field of air treatment, air conditioning, and filter technology as well as cooling process air.

DencoHappel with their headquarters are based in Herne, Germany. Production sites in Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Turkey, China and India as well as own sales organizations and distributors in more than 50 countries guarantee customer proximity, high flexibility and efficiency.

DELBAG® is one of the best-known brands worldwide for air filtration. The outstanding technical expertise of the company is based on knowledge gained from its own research and development. Numerous milestones in air filtration, current patents, and results from laboratory experiments as well as continuous new developments confirm the high technological level of DELBAG products.

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